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Poker staking

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1 Тема от Kantor 2018-7-25 2:2:47

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Тема: Я брошу покер

Pусский Просмотр профиля тренера. Do you offer live cash game backing? Please be aware that if you click any link on this site or download program that no personal information is given to WECpoker. You must complete an application to become a member, and they investigate your poker staking background. Some recent upgrades to the site statistics now available for staking profitability have made PartTimePoker a better option. We offer action on many networks so Full Schedules are available, for anyone, from anywhere.

Pro poker player talks about backing and staking

2 Ответ от Marlee 2018-3-9 15:37:42

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What if a player needs a break or is on vacation? To participate you must register with the Section and there is an extensive list of rules that must be followed. We offer action on many networks so Full Schedules are available, for anyone, from anywhere. If it were only as easy as taking a positive return and rolling it over, and then rinsing and repeating, everyone would be rich.

3 Ответ от Kigak 2018-8-20 11:36:54

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On of the largest US Staking Groups. They have two routes to sponsorship - the proven player route and the trial route. They are glacier-like in any improvements to make the site easier to use.

4 Ответ от Pieper 2018-9-15 12:53:28

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I have never been in such an environment and if you want to get your game to another level you definitely need to try and join bitB. Standard Backing is run by Alcswab one of the most prolific backers on the now-defunct parttimepoker. The coaching is second to none, the community is amazing and very supportive and there is no reason why you would not want to join the team. Our goal is to create an environment where candidates with the raw potential and grinding work ethic are handed the tools, knowledge and all the resources at our disposal to fulfill their goals and dreams. We review all applications carefully and reply to all applications within 72 hours.

5 Ответ от Shakasa 2018-4-28 4:35:41

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The trial route takes on players throughout the month as soon as they successfully complete a trial of MTTs, SNGs or 10, cash hands. Typically, someone who wants to Stake, lists a game he wants a Horse to play, and players make applications to play that game.

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