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Poker soldier

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Тема: Poker scott

He then had printed 2,, copies of the odds for service men to paste in their helmets. Among the highlights of the exhibition were examples of the many card decks used by German soliders during WWI. No good can come of an officer or NCO playing poker for money with junior enlisted personnel.


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These games were available through Drueke Dealers across the country and included a wide variety of games: It is an offshoot of the British game Hazard. My point is this: WWI soldiers from many different countries played cards in the trenches. If it was OK, you would know it and not have to ask. Already have an account? English-speaking settlers in the region Anglicized Poque to poker and adopted features of the modern game, including five cards for each player and by a card deck.

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Others furthered the U. Anyways, I would love it if I could play with some enlisted troops. Indeed, one consequence of the battle between the North and South was the further spread of poker throughout the country, with survivors carrying the game back from camps and battlefields to their respective homes. It a dice is cocked, that is, resting in such a way that it is doubtful which face is uppermost, than the throw is declared void. Enclosed is the wooden checker board which is protected by a blue leatherette cardboard. At least, how would anyone know unless you were in uniform At this point other players have the option to fade, or bet against the shooter by covering the bet and putting their money with the shooters in the pot or kitty.

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Sign Up with Email. At least, how would anyone know unless you were in uniform

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If, for example the shooter has bet three counters and two players have bet one counter and two counters respectively, the player who has bet one counter takes 2 counters the player who bet 2 takes 4. This division was designed with providing recreational activities and entertainment for the troops. Meaning they are fair.

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