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Poker dom

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1 Тема от Mertens 2018-3-16 18:27:51

  • Gendron
  • Yehuda
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Тема: Покер викторина

Attempt to make 10k profit in live tourneys. On the upside, I might bother to play a bit more online which I have been neglecting even more than usual despite good intentions. I will definitely still frequent the Fitz as well though, and I suppose the balance of custom will ultimately decide where I play the majority of my cash games.


2 Ответ от Zuzuru 2018-2-28 6:29:13

  • Boisvert
  • Danielson
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I am loving this flop so I move in and he quickly calls with AAxx. The subtle them of this seems to be developing into the fact that I am not overenamoured by my job currently. Yes, I am a nerd, so what.

3 Ответ от Fortenberry 2018-3-3 8:23:33

  • Flynn
  • Schulman
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It keeps track of who the "dealer" would be if it was a self-dealt game. I mush prefer playing Omaha to Holdem cash games but I am barely better than breakeven in my stats which is disappointing really. Hopefully there will be change before then. Killarney is just too far to do that. A mix of music, poker, news and random shite. I flop top 2 pair on a JT4 board and money goes in etc etc. No help for him and I double up.

4 Ответ от Ben 2018-12-4 7:20:47

  • Demoss
  • Wasserman
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Idiot bets 15, I raise to 45, he calls. This is a familiar scenario to any Liverpool fan as well. If this starts to take off or fails dismally or even just peters out, I will say it here.

5 Ответ от Tygozil 2018-1-10 15:45:27

  • Volmaran
  • Teter
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I am also trying to decide when I will take a few sickies from work. Sets cracked etc etc. One thing I can guarantee though is that it will be underwhelming. Wednesday, February 28, Brrrrrrrrrr. This way, the privilege of being last to get cards is shared fairly.

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