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Nuts in poker

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1 Тема от Dazahn 2018-10-20 3:7:55

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So there it is, wanted to get that off my chest. The table luckbox with a big stack led out for a bet and I shoved.

Why Do We Call The Best Poker Hand Possible 'The Nuts?'

2 Ответ от Dikasa 2018-2-25 10:54:11

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She turned over pocket Queens! Oh did I mention that the Russian had busted by this point? In the cut-off with King-7 of spades, I limped in behind a bunch of limpers. And that makes it so frustrating.

3 Ответ от Gakus 2018-9-25 10:14:59

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My thought was he likely had a set, most probably a set of Jacks since I had blockers to the other two sets. The Russian snap called, no surprise. I wanted him to be on tilt cuz he called me with Jacks and lost a huge pot. I doubt the guy had take more than a minute before the guy called the clock and it was only a second clock, not a second clock. Not quite a triple-up but a really nice pot. Really put him on tilt.

4 Ответ от Lanning 2018-10-18 7:18:39

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Players start with 30K chips and play minute levels on Day 1, 40 minutes on Day 2. Early on the first pocket pair I saw was Aces. The Russian snap called, no surprise. I want to win a million dollars. Origins[ edit ] A common and certainly[ citation needed ] apocryphal folk etymology is that the term originated from the historical poker games in the colonial west of America, where if a player bet everything he possessed, he would place the nuts of his wagon wheels on the table to ensure that, should he lose, he would be unable to flee and would have to make good on the bet.

5 Ответ от Zaragoza 2018-7-14 20:3:1

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They called it a Triple Stack because the starting stack was 30K. Well the flop was King-Queen-X, giving him a set and me an open-ender. You know that the other players think they are a better poker player than you are; here is where you can play with the pros to show them a thing or two about poker playing. It just so happened that the clock-caller had noticed a floorman walking by as the other guy was tanking, and just called out to him to start a clock. But the river was a miracle Ace and I was alive and kicking with a nice double-up. The levels were minutes on day 1, minutes on day 2.

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